Fav Quick Crochet Patterns (Market Prep Series Part 1)

With Fall and winter market season just around the corner I know a lot of makers like myself are in full market prep mode. I thought i'd share with you some of my favourite quick and easy crochet patterns which are perfect for market prep. All of these patterns use chunky yarn which helps them work up quickly! I love the stitch definition a lighter weight yarn makes but a nice bulky weight 6 yarn will always be my #1.

This is Part 1/3! If you are more of a knitter (which I honestly at this point am) Then check out Part 2 here! If you are looking for some ideas for some smaller market makes check out part 3 here!


Discovery Beanie

This pattern is by the lovely Perfectly Knotted. This beanie works up SUPER fast and is definitely a staple for market prep. Not only is it a super quick make, but it is super cute and COZY!

Puff Stitch Beanie

This pattern by The Hook Nook was the first crochet hat pattern I ever made and I still adore it today. It is one of my go to patterns and I mean come on who doesn't love a good puff stitch.

Amber Beanie

I LOVE this pattern by mihandmadehome. The detail in this pattern astounds me every time I make one (which I've made a few).

Quick & Easy bottom up beanie

This is by far the fastest of the lot & FREE! This adorable quick and easy beanie pattern can be found on the youtube channel of lunarknitsbylori

Cowls & Scarves 

L'acul cowl

I mean everything debrosseNYC puts out is amazing, but I personally love this cowl pattern so much! It is cute, trendy and such a fun make

Alberta cowl

I was a tester for offdhookcrochet for this pattern soon after I started on instagram (I was so excited and honored to be selected). I LOVE this pattern and have made it a few times, the color combo option are endless. It was the first time using the herringbone stitch and I became obsessed.

THE scarf

This pattern by erinlizbethw was one of the first bigger projects I made and I still wear mine on repeat every winter. It is my go to scarf and will be until I legit wear it out. It is so COZY! This giant over sized scarf made from blanket yarn is one of the coziest things you will ever  make!

I hope this helped some of you or at-least has given you some inspiration. Even if you are not in market prep and are looking for a cozy winter make these are some great options. All of these patterns are also great as beginner projects as they all contain fairly simple stitches and the patterns are clearly written for any new stitches you may encounter.

If you try any of these pattern recommendations out let me know! Happy Market Prep all


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