Fav Quick Knit Patterns (Market Prep Series Part 2)

I Hope Part 1 of this Market Prep Series was helpful to all of those who crochet. This instalment will feature quick and east knit patterns. Most of these patterns are quick and would be great for a beginner! ** Warning some of these pattern links are for Ravelry**


Linden Hat

This hat by Whirls and Purls has one of the most beautiful textures ever! It is amazing and only uses the knit & purl stitch so definitely beginner friendly. This was one of the first knit patterns I made that had purls in it and was honestly intimidated at first, but it is such a quick and easy pattern to follow!!!!

Aurelia Beanie

Now you are prob looking at this like "that does not look quick,easy & beginner friendly"...Let me tell you IT IS! This was my first pattern knitting cables EVER and this pattern by mbymknitwear was amazing and so easy to follow. Please do not be intimidated by how intricate this looks the pattern is beautifully written and is a very easy and quick make! Trust me and give this one a go! My one tip is atleast for me I found it works better with a bulky weight 5 yarn opposed to a super bulky 6. My Fav yarn to use for this beanie is Michaels loops & threads charisma

Seymour Hat

This beautiful hat pattern by seatoskydesigns has amazing detail and also only uses the knit and purl stitch. This was the hat pattern that made me want to try more then just basic knitting, the details in the hat are so lovely I could not not try it! Again great for beginners and beautifully written.

Jameson slouch

Everything Whiteowlcrochetco releases is amazing but I am partial to this pattern in particular. I made myself one and I wear it constantly every fall. Who doesn't love a perfectly slouchy knit beanie! This is also a very good beginner pattern and quick make as it only uses the knit stitch.

Orange Fair Isle hat

This double brim beanie pattern by endearingknits is my go to. It was the first knit pattern I ever tried. For my first time I simply just didn't do the fair isle portion and made it one solid color to get used to  making the double brim. Then I moved on to the fair isle version. This is the best double brim hat pattern and super easy and well laid out. If you want to make a double brim beanie this fall you MUST try this pattern, I promise it will be your go to as well.

Luna Beanie

This has become a staple in my market prep! I highly recommend this pattern by Charlie and Luna Co! It is quick and easy to follow & the color combos are literally endless!


The Skull Beanie & the Batty Beanie

Both of these colorwork patterns by Skull and Hooks Co will surprise you with how easy they are! I know usually when you hear colorwork you think complicated and slow BUT let me tell you these work up FAST! They make a great addition to any fall market table!

LazyBones Signature Toque

Looking for a simple & classic knit beanie? Well look no further! this Pattern by LazyBonesKnits will be a STAPLE for you markets for years to come!

Ash Cable Beanie

This is one of my own patterns! This is a quick and easy faux cable beanie that is great if you want the look of cable without actually knitting them!

Cowls/ Scarves

Sunday cowl

This Sunday cowl by Stitched by Sarah was my first knit cowl pattern. This pattern is fantastic and results in such a beautiful and multi-functional make. I highly recommend this pattern as I have a gut feeling this will be a great seller at markets where it is so versatile!

Cabblestone scarf

This is another of my own patterns! This is quick & simple scarf pattern that contains a very knitflix friendly repeat!

LazyBones Infinity Scarf

This is another lazybones signature patterns! This quick and simple pattern creates such a gorgeous and stylish cowl or scarf!

I know this post is predominantly hats, but I wanted in this series to stick to patterns I've actually made and can comment on the actual clarity and ease of the pattern itself.   I would highly recommend all of these patterns to anyone in market prep and/or any beginner knitter (or advanced knitter looking for a quick make!).


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