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October in Review

 Well it's been awhile! But I would like to try and get back into blogging. I just do not know what direction to take this blog in! I am hoping to try and start doing these monthly reviews on what i`ve been knitting,watching, reading and listening to! I thought it would be a fun way to reflect on the month.  Knitting: I decided to try and start busting my stash (even though I turned around and bought several more hanks of yarn lol) and decided to try and make a scrappy sweater from all the yarn i've dyed myself! I started at first to crochet it but the body just wasn't working out how I want, but I loved the crochet collar. So I decided to just pick up the stitches around the collar and knit the raglan body. I was planning on crocheting the bottom ribbing but it looked super chunky so I went with a twisted rib instead. I need to get small 9" needles to knit the sleeves as I am scared of DPN's and hate knitting magic loop. The sweater is on hold for now until the ne

Meet Your Maker- Cleo's Ladder

This week on MYM we have Candice from Cleo's Ladder. Candace makes both crochet and paper crafts! Her work is adorable and I am sure you will all love it as well :) "I love incorporating both fiber and paper art in a project! Here are pins I made for a friend’s Cinco De Mayo themed baby shower! " Introduce yourself and your business. Hi, my name is Candice, and I am the creative behind Cleo’s Ladder . I sell handmade items - primarily crochet and paper crafts - but I dabble in many other crafty things! I’d like to thank Bethany for using her platform to support other creatives and inviting me to be featured on her blog! How did you launch your business & what made you want to start a small business? I learned to crochet about 3 years ago. I wanted to make toys for @ Knotforgottenod and that’s what first started my interest in crochet. Around that time, my husband also gifted me a Cricut Explore Air 2, so I started playing with vinyl. I first opened an Et

Meet Your Maker- So Divine Crochet

This Week on MYM we have Nikita from So Divine Crochet. I had the pleasure of meeting Nikita IRL at one of the local YarnvsEverybody meet ups! In this MYM Nikita shares a lot of valuable wisdom about just going for it with your business.   Introduce yourself and your business. Heylo! I'm Nikita, the owner of So Divine Crochet . I've been crocheting for 8 years now (whoa time flies) and knitting for about 2. I'm a nerdy mama of two boys who likes to find excuses to do crafts and sing -loudly- SDC is all about styled warmth in the winter and light n' bright fun in the summer. It's been a labor of love and a slow climb to achievements, but I think that allows me to not take anything for granted and appreciate all the opportunities that come my way. How did you launch your business & what made you want to start a small business? I always knew I wanted to be my own boss and I loved working with my hands, creating something out of nothing. However this

Meet Your Maker- Of Books & Hooks

This week on MYM we have Madeline from Of Books & Hooks! Madeline is a crochet designer and maker who combines two of my fav things, yarn and books :) Be sure to check her out on insta. Introduce yourself and your business. My name is Madeline and I'm the maker behind Of Books & Hooks . I use my Instagram and website to share modern crochet patterns, book musings, and anything else that comes to mind. While I offer book recommendations and pair my projects with books I'm reading, I'm usually posting about crochet and craftiness more often than not. How did you launch your business & what made you want to start a small business? I've always had a love affair with yarn, but when I learned to knit it never really stuck. In 2018, I taught myself to crochet, which I previously had thought was impossible because I'm left-handed and there just aren't as many resources. I fell in love almost instantly. In late 2019, I decided to launch my Instagra

FREE Crochet Pattern~Spring Fling Tee

I designed this spring top because I wanted something that was flowy and airy that would make a good piece to throw on over a tank top in this transition time between seasons. The spring fling tee is currently graded for sizes xs-xl, but the pattern is fairly straight forward and could easily be modified for almost any size as it is worked raglan style (top down). I made mine in bernat home dec, but feel free to use whatever bulky weight 5 yarn you have (or whatever yarn you wish actually- as long as you meet gauge). I used a smaller hook size to make the neckline then switched to a 10mm hook to make the top drapey and loose. This is not a form fitting top, it is meant to be loose fitting. You can make this top whatever length you with and could also do varying sleeve lengths. Please feel free to make this pattern your own and use it as a guide as opposed to an instruction. *I made a size XS and know it fits true to size. Size XL was tested. Size S,M, & L have not been teste

Meet Your Maker-Critterosity

This week on MYM we have Eva from Critterosity ! Eva is a wonderful cartoonist and event planner/show runner. I love her amazing artwork and she has a wide variety of items you can get her artwork on. From pins to cards to home decor to notebooks I am sure you find something that tickles your fancy! Introduce yourself and your business. Hi there! My name is Eva Lacy and I am a cartoonist and show runner! I am better known as Critterosity  with my artwork and I am the founder of the Annual Ground Zero Animation Expo & Isle of Magic Marketplace . How did you launch your business & what made you want to start a small business? I have always had entrepreneur blood running through my veins. I watched my dad run his own business growing up as a dental technician and always felt I could be my own boss one day. I did my part in working "typical" jobs from 14-28 years old. If I wasn't holding one job, it was 2. I didn't care much for the idea of college, I

You Can DO it!

Hello! These sure are some interesting times we are in eh ? Looking for way to keep yourself sane while stuck at home? Here are a few tips from KGC. Recently I did a whole episode on my podcast Casting On about different activities you could do to keep yourself busy! One of the things I did not touch on so much is routine. I know I myself am struggling with the lack of routine in life. I am the type of person who NEEDS routine.I keep struggling to create a more regular routine at the moment because I have no idea how long the world will be in the state it is in. What if I just get into a new routine and things change and I have to start again, what if things change tomorrow, next week, next ive been in this holding state waiting for life to "get back to normal" The thing is no one knows when that will be and we (mostly talking to myself here) need to just let that idea go and just try to fall into a "new normal" and if that changes then we roll w