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Marketing Podcasts you NEED to listen to

Are you struggling with growing your instagram, your facebook business page, your blog or Etsy shop?...same Girl same! With contradictory info out there and constantly changing algorithms it can be hard to know how to actually get ahead and get your content seen.

Lately I have been super into listening to podcasts and i've found some really awesome marketing podcasts that I have gotten lots of fantastic tips from. I have started implementing some and I have actually noticed a big difference in my engagement.

SO here is my go to list of marketing/business podcasts I think you should check out wherever you listen to podcasts

1)Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner: This in my opinion is the best of the lot. I just recently found this podcast and has quickly become my go to podcast for business advice and tips. If you only listen to one podcast on this list it should be this one!

2)On Purpose with Alex Beadon: This was a newer discovery for me and I am enjoying it! Alex brings…

2020 Goals

With 2020 fast approaching I figured it was time to sit down and figure out what KGC's goals are for next year! I set out some goals last year, some I worked on and and some I totally failed at haha.

2019 Goals:

1)Take better photos: I think I accomplished this to an extent.I am still learning and hope to continue to grow in this area. However looking at where I started in 2019 to where I am now, I am so freaking proud of how far my photography skills have come

2)Write more patterns: HUGE FAIL lol. I did not do this. I wrote a few but I have also come to the conclusion that I do not LOVE pattern writing. I feel very much forced to do it most of the time and I get way more joy out of making other people patterns and selling ready made items. I still will write the occasional pattern here and there when the inspiration strikes me and I feel like it, but I am no longer going to sit down with the intention of writing a pattern simply to write a pattern.

3)Try patterns outside my comfor…

Crochet Appliques Christmas cards

Are you looking for a fun way to incorporate crochet into your holiday gift giving?!? Here's something I like to do! Make some holiday themed crochet appliques and then glue them on to blank cards! Viola custom handmade Christmas cards!

You can also paint/color the background, add some other decals or stickers, whatever your heart desires!

I think this would be a fun project to do with your little ones this holiday season. Make up a few different appliques and let them decorate some cards!

You can get packs of blank cards on Amazon for fairly cheap!

Hope this gives you inspiration and don't forget to tag me if you make some cards! I'd love to see what you create.

Items you'll need:
Crochet appliques
Blank cards
Glue gun
Paint, colored markers ect
Any other crafty item you want to use to decorate your card!

Here is list of a few cute and FREE crochet patterns I've found on Pinterest that would be great for this project!:

Christmas Mickey elf

Christmas ball



WAK Black Friday Haul

I hope all of you got yourselves some awesome black friday/Cyber Monday deals..I know I did! I have been waiting for black friday to order some weareknitters the wool. I ended ordering 7 skeins of yarn and I am obsessed.

I have never purchased from weareknitters before as honestly the price kind of scares me. $35/skein is a lil pricey, but with their black friday deal they were on for $21-23/skein and I found some patterns that only use 1/2 skein per hat so yay!!!!!!

Here is a little IGTV video I did showing you all the different colors I got! Be sure to follow me on the gram if you want to see what I end up making with all this squishy goodness :)


Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Looking to shop Small this holiday season and support some fellow small business owners? Here is a list of over 30 small business owners that you can shop from this holiday season. From gifts for your sister, friend, husband or even maybe a little something for yourself  I am sure you will something that suits your fancy on this list. Happy Shopping!!

Gifts for her
Milk Honey Soapery 
Earth Realm Co
Peace Organics 
Catmamola Ceramics
Small Hours Workshop
Sweet Sips 
Gifts for him
Solid Leather
Rosewell Wood Working 
Saras Soaps and Candles
Drop Dead Candles 
CoOp of Creation
Kvall Candles
Home decor
Cassee Paints
Sunday Morning Glassworks
Eleanor Rosa Felt
Wild Concrete
homebody collective
blissful days designs
light and paper shop
fish eye sisters
Gifts for Makers
the corner of craft (stitch markers)
little birdie design studio (apparel)
a crafty concept Merch (apparel)
Polka Dots And Lady Bugs (stitch markers)
knitbrooks (crochet hooks)
Shoshana Illustration

Meet Your Maker- Pixie Cove Gifts

This weeks MYM is Chloe from Pixie Cove Gifts. Chloe makes the cutest little polymer clay charms, jewelry and ornaments! Go check her out, I am sure you will get so much joy from her awesome work.

Introduce yourself and your business.

Hi! My name is Chloe and I am the maker behind Pixie Cove gifts. Originally from the East Coast, I went to college in Toronto and work part time in the entertainment industry. At Pixie Cove gifts I make almost everything with polymer clay! From charms, jewelry, d├ęcor and ornaments to creating Illustrated Digital cards and invites.

 How did you launch your business & what made you want to start a small business?

 I’ve always had a creative spark, love drawing and creating cool art; I wanted to have something to separate my work in the industry from my personal artistic creations.

I’ve always liked the idea of being in full control over what I create, having my own business and working on my own time. I then decided to give opening my own Etsy shop a tr…

Meet Your Maker-Crochet By Cote

This week on MYM we have Nicole from Crochet by Cote! I found Nicole over on Instagram and her page aesthetic is #goals!!!! Go and giver her a follow :)

Introduce yourself and your business.

My name is Nicole Cote and I started my Instagram page around a year ago! I’m from Canada , Vancouver Island to be exact. A west coasty for sure! has yet to become a business, but I’m hoping by summer-ish 2020 that I will have an Etsy shop open and some craft fair booths reserved !

How did you launch your business & what made you want to start a small business?

I have yet to launch as a business but that’s the main goal for me! The goal is to get an Etsy shop going and then dive into craft fairs, but for now I’m just doing things through word of mouth! (Good news though ! My mother in law just reserved a space beside her for next year at a craft fair !) I’ve always wanted to have a business of my own; whether it’s small and just brings in a little extra cash or is…