Small Items & Table Set Up (Market Prep Series Part 3)

Now that you have your crochet or knitwear stock ready to go, what else do you need to think about? Well for one it is good to have smaller items for smaller price points (i.e. stocking stuffers for Christmas markets) but also an attractive and organized looking set up to draw people to your table. ** Some of the pattern links are from ravelry**

Table Fillers

Smaller items are great to fill space on your table, but to also offer options that are in everyone's price point. Having some smaller items that cost $10 or less can provide extra revenue. Some ideas for smaller items include:


Very popular at the moment, great way to use up that scrap yarn. I have a few free  patterns you can check out here.

A few other pattern options are the sleepover scrunchie pattern (Knit) by Perfectly Knotted or WhiteOwlCrcohetCo has a few patterns as well!


Also very popular right now, highly recommend the crafty loop boho earrings by acraftyconcept (free pattern)

Keychains: you can use mini faux fur poms, yarn poms or I even saw someone turn a crochet earring into a keychain!

Small amigurumi: nothing to detailed that will take up tons of time, but an example could be mini pumpkins for fall markets, or even mini cacti !

If you are Gearing up for a Christmas market small tree ornaments are also a great idea!

Table Set Up:

So how do you make sure your table is attractive and will draw customers in, but also wont add tons of additional costs to your market expenses? Let me tell you:

PRACTICE your set up. 

Do not show up on market day without having a game plan already in place for your set up. By the day of your market I think you should be able to set up your booth with almost zero effort because you already know exactly where everything goes because you planned and practiced.

For example find a space in your home that is a similar size (or can be blocked off to replicate a similar size) of your booth, maybe your kitchen table or island. Then play around with laying out your items and plan what should go where.

Cute props/display items

Personally I think the dollar store is your friend for finding cute table decor and props for set up. You don't want to go buy super expensive gear to set up and display your items that will add a huge cost to your overall expenses. Also try to get props that can be used for multiple markets (i.e do not get very holiday specific props).

Some great props for market set up include:

-baskets to pile similar items in
-I've seen people use paper towel holders to display scrunchies
-for pricing signs I picked up some dollar store frames and and printed out my price lists and put them in those.  It's a cute way to display your item/price lists, what payment options you take and even your shop name/logo.
-table cloth

I hope some of these tips will be helpful to you and your market prep journey! If you find this series helpful don't forget to share with your maker friends. Also if you use any of these tips tag me in your Instagram posts about your market prep (@knottygurlcrochet)


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