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This week on MYM we have the lovely Courtney from Wild n' Wonderful Creations. I am sure you have seen here boho backpack floating around instragram. This is such an amazing first pattern and I am so excited to see what future designs Courtney comes out with.

Introduce yourself and your business.
Hi, my name is Courtney Pokrzywa and I am the face behind Wild ‘N Wonderful Creations LLC. I live in the beautiful state of West Virginia in a small town called Clarksburg. I am a wife, mom of three and a dog mom. I work full time as a Branch Service Manager at a local bank and I enjoy creating in my spare time.

How did you launch your business & what made you want to start a small business?
I have been crocheting for about 5 years and after selling locally to friends and family I decided to open an Etsy Shop in March 2018. After having a lot of success selling locally and in my Etsy Shop, I decided to make Wild ‘N Wonderful Creations official. As of April 10, 2019, Wild ‘N Wonderful Creations LLC is a registered business in the state of West Virginia.

What are some struggles you had starting your business and how did you over come them?
My biggest struggle with my small business is time management. As I said I am a wife, mom of three, a dog mom and I have a full-time career. Making time to run a small business is something I struggled with every day. I do my best to set aside time for making new products, creating and writing new patterns, posting on social media, finances, etc. I wish I could say that this is a struggle that I have overcome but I am very passionate about my business and one day I know I will get there.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
Being in the crochet maker community is absolutely amazing. I love that fact that Community over Competition is just as important to my fellow makers as it is to me. I can honestly say that almost all of my inspiration comes from my crochet maker friends.

What motivates you as a maker?
My biggest motivator for my business is my passion for crochet and the relaxation that it brings me. I struggle with anxiety and crocheting takes my mind off of the real world and puts me in my own little bubble of happiness. Don’t get me wrong I love selling my crochet products but if selling was taken away from me tomorrow, I would never even think about putting my hook down.

What is a goal you set for yourself as a maker/artist and how did you achieve it?
My biggest goal that I have accomplished for my business would have to be writing my own crochet pattern. Boy oh boy was that harder than I thought. The Bobbi Boho Backpack was my first ever crochet pattern. So far it is my only one but I already have a few more ideas up my sleeve for the future.

What is your favorite part of being a maker?
My favorite part of being a maker is receiving photos of my customers wearing the products that I made for them. There is nothing like seeing someone enjoy something that you put your heart into.

Do you have any tips for new makers/ small business owners?
If I would have one thing to say to a new maker starting their crochet business journey it would be “Its ok, just do it. You won’t regret it.” If you are truly passionate about what you do and you put your all into it you will succeed. Step out of your comfort zone and try new things. Don’t let anyone hold you back from your dreams.

What are some hobbies or interests you have outside of your small business?
My favorite thing to do in my down time outside of my crochet business would be spending time with my family. There is nothing like Spaghetti Sunday Dinners at the in-laws, cookouts, holidays, and beach trips. Family is the most important thing in life and I’m confident to say I have the best.

Share a fun fact about yourself.
A fun fact about myself would have to be my food obsessions. Taco Bell and Ranch. I could eat Taco Bell every single day and not get sick of it. And ranch.. ohh do I love ranch. I literally put it on everything (except my Taco Bell).

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