Free Basic Knit Beanie Pattern

The following is the most basic knit beanie pattern you will find! I'm sure there are some beginner knitters out there who could use some help with how to knit your basic beanie so hopefully this is helpful :) This hat is knit in the round on circular needles and sized to fit the average adult.

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Materials needed:

<1 ball of bulky weight 5 yarn (I used loops and thread cozy wool)*
10mm 16" circular needle
stitch marker
tapestry needle (to weave in ends)

*I used two different colors for this beanie, one for the brim and one for the body but feel free to make your hat all one color. Making the brim in a different color is a great way to use up some scrap yarn!

Stitches used:

CO-cast on

That's it! As simple as it gets :)


Long tail CO 40 stitches

  • How I join in the round is to knit an extra stitch(i.e 41) and then knit 2 stitches onto the right needle then cross stitch 1 over stitch 2 and drop it off the needle (basically binding off) this connects the yarn and makes a nice clean edge. 

Row 1-6: K1,P1 all the way around (marking stitch 1 as you go)


If making the body of  the hat a different color this is where you change yarns

Row 7-28: K all the way around

Cut a long tail of yarn and using a tapestry needle thread into the live stitches on the needle, pull needle out and cinch tight to close, turn hat inside out and weave yarn back and forth a few times and tie a knot to close. I find this helps keep the top nice and cinched. Cut yarn and weave in ends.


This hat is sized to fit the average adult (21-22" wide & 9" tall) You can easily make this hat any size by increasing or decreasing the amount of starting stitches, just keep in multiples of 2 for the ribbing. You can also make it taller or shorter depending on if you add or take away rows from the body.


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