November in Review


This Month I have done the unthinkable for me I knot myself sock! OMG ahha, I never thought id be a sock knitter but boy am I a convert. I am obsessed with sock knitting now. I finished my first pair of Vanilla Socks, not the best knit socks ever but they are good enough to wear. I had to re-knit the first sock of the pair as I made so many mistakes, but I learned quick and the second sock came out drastically better.

I am now knitting a second pair of socks, not really following a pattern, I guess technically they are a modified version of the vanilla sock. 

I am also knitting up the Sunday Cardigan by Petite knit using a bunch of my knitcrate yarns. I was originally making up my own design but it just wasn't working out so i basically frogged almost an entire sweater and started over with the Sunday Cardigan. It has been on my to make list for awhile so I figured why not. My only issue with this sweater is the circular needles I have the cord is very rigid so not good for magic loop, so I am knitting the sleeves flat and I am going to seam them on. Now I hate seaming but it was the easiest route for me right now. I plan to buy another set of circulars at some point, atleast some in the sizes I use the most. 


Let me in (cant believe I have not read this before, cant wait to watch the movie)

Brave New World (read so I can now watch the show, I liked the first like 1/3 of the book, the rest was kind of slow, basically I liked reading about the lab and what they were up to lol)

Six years (random crime novel my Dad passed along to me, was actually quite good)

The Break Down (Another random crime book from Dad, Very good. I will be looking up more by this author)



Multiple hallmark Christmas movies ahha I know I know these are cheesy AF but they are such an easy knitflix watch. I've watched Once Upon A Christmas Miracle, Switched For Christmas, Nine Lives, and Snowed Inn Christmas

Fantastic Beasts 2 (not nearly as good as the first)

Flatliners (I enjoyed it, my partner absolutely hated it ahhaa)

Imperium (Honestly Harry Potter can act lol highly recommend this movie)


The Great on Prime (10/10 please watch this you will die laughing)

Scream Queens on Netflix(almost done season 1, much better then I expected)

Lost Girl (If you like Anything Fae and Crime WATCH THIS it is absolutely amazing, reminds me of the Roasemary and Rue book series)

Gilmore Girls (doing a rewatch)


A mother's Secret (By Dr. Phil which is kind of odd, but the cases are interesting)

Dr.Death Season 2 (preferred season 1)

Yarn Purchases 

I went to a LYS the Bobbin Tree because I wanted to get some locally dyes yarn by Celtic Raven Fibers. I got Two full skeins and 4 minis and honestly will likely be back to buy more before I head back to Toronto in the New Year haha There were so many pretty colorways it was hard to choose. 


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