October in Review

 Well it's been awhile! But I would like to try and get back into blogging. I just do not know what direction to take this blog in!

I am hoping to try and start doing these monthly reviews on what i`ve been knitting,watching, reading and listening to! I thought it would be a fun way to reflect on the month. 


I decided to try and start busting my stash (even though I turned around and bought several more hanks of yarn lol) and decided to try and make a scrappy sweater from all the yarn i've dyed myself! I started at first to crochet it but the body just wasn't working out how I want, but I loved the crochet collar. So I decided to just pick up the stitches around the collar and knit the raglan body. I was planning on crocheting the bottom ribbing but it looked super chunky so I went with a twisted rib instead. I need to get small 9" needles to knit the sleeves as I am scared of DPN's and hate knitting magic loop. The sweater is on hold for now until the new year. I love how the body turned out, I feel like it has an 80's feel.

I am also working on a knit shawl/scarf for my stepmom for xmas. I was going to follow a pattern but the lace section was super complicated and I did not have the patience to learn it so I have decided to make it up as I go along. If it turns out I will 100% write up a pattern.


-This month I have re-read book 1 of A Court of Thorns and Roses by sara j maas as she is releasing book 4 in the new year.

-if I was your girl by meredith russo, this was a quick read (took me 2.5 days) but highly enjoyable. 

-The Heir (selection book 4) by Kiera Cass, good series (think I liked books 1-3 best though)

-The Magicians (book 1)  , also a series on prime. I like the book better then the show. It`s a good show just find the actors annoying. I will likely finish it simply to see what they do with some of the story lines. 


-Harlots from hulu / BBC, HIGHLY recommend. This will be one of my fav shows of all time its amazing. 

-The stranger from Netflix, good standard British mystery drama!

-I am not ok with this from Netflix, good but sad there is no season 2 :(



Guru-very good if you like stories about corrupt MLM type stuff

Dr. Death season 2, this just started the end of OCT and i'm so excited. Season 1 was one of my fav podcasts ever

Ear hustle, very good and interesting podcast about life San Quentin. This latest season is not quite as good I think simply because they cannot be in the prison due to covid. 

Yarn Purchases:

I got the October Knitcrate that was a partnership with Knitatude because I needed the beautiful chunky yarn and to make myself her celtic scarf! (I guess need is a strong word to use lol)

I also made my first purchase from feisty fibers and let me tell you OMG I am now a die-hard fan. I have never felt yarn like her rockin-sox base. I got two skeins in black because I want to knit the pink velvet sweater and use some yarn I dyed for the color work. 

I really do want to make an effort to use up my yarn stash, but it`s so hard haha. I think my new motivation will be I cannot buy any more feisty fiber yarn until I get my stash down! Fingers crossed this works!

I also have some yarn on the way from Dragon Hoard yarn. I got one of her holiday advents and I am so excited. I have been admiring both dyers for so long and finally decided to go for it. My wallet may be in trouble!

Who are your fav indie dyers? 



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