2021 Goals

For the last two years I have set out some goals I want to try and achieve with KGC and this year will be no exception.

First lets take a look back at what I wanted to accomplish in 2020:

1)Continue to Grow this blog: FAIL haha I completely neglected this blog until like a month ago. 

2)Only make things I want to: I think I did pretty good with this. I have been focusing more on making things I want to versus what I feel I should

3)Do a 2 day show: FAIL, but not my fault at least (stupid covid) 

4)Put time into Casting On. If you didn't know I have a podcast! : MAJOR FAIL, I tried it but do not think podcasting is for me. Who know maybe one day ill try again, but its not on my 2021 radar.

5)Make more video content/potentially live stream.: again MAJOR FAIL lol I want to be the person who is comfortable in front of the camera I just am not. Although I would still like to try and get more comfortable.

2021 Goals:

1) Dye more yarn. I have absolutely fallen in love with yarn dying and would love to do more of it and be able to sell it in small batches. Will I become a full time yarn dyer, heck no, but I would love to release small batch,ooak and/or small collections throughout the year. 

2)do some designing: I have toyed in the past with designing, but I think I tried to do too much. I just want to release the occasional pattern if a design peaks my interest.

3)This might seem counterintuitive but I want to be less concerned with social media. I am over trying to have a curated matching feed and post on certain days/times. I want to post what I want when I want (algorithm be damned lol)

4)support other yarn dyers when feasible. I have also fallen in love this year with hand-dyed yarns and would like to support more indie-dyers whenever I am financially able to do so.

5)Make stitch markers, I would like to try and start making and selling more stitch markers. Id love to try and get into polymer charm making. I have come to accept that my target audience is makers and not the average person looking to buy a knit hat so I would like to cater my shop a bit more towards makers. 

What are you maker goals for 2021?


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