How to Get/Stay Organized For Your Next Craft Show or Market

 Do you have multiple markets coming up or maybe even just 1 but you feel a bit lost? Here are a few tips I have started using to keep myself on track.


I started an excel spread sheet to keep track of expenses. I use this to keep track of how much I have spent on vendor fees, yarn, extras like poms & tags ect. This way you can keep an eye on how much you are putting into the show to know how much you need to sell to break even. 

I also started using an excel to keep track of stock. So I can keep track of how many of each item I made and its material cost. This will also help for after your show to see what items/patterns sold the most or which sold the least.

Items to sell

I am trying this year to stick to only a handful of designs. Yes I have some one or two offs but the majority of my stock will be from a few select designs. This makes it easier on you and the customer! 

One thing my husband actually said to me on a day I was stressing out was to "focus on quality not quantity" . So this for me ties into sticking to only a few select designs & also means I will be raising my prices this year. I always try to keep my prices affordable, but lets face it the base cost of EVERYTHING atm is higher.  By focusing on quality not quantity this means I have to charge a little more per item. I am going to likely raise my prices by ~$5. Which honestly with how the cost of everything has risen will keep my profit margins basically the same (which is kind of sad lol). 

I personally am mostly focusing on hats as that is what typically sells bets for me. However do what works for you! BUT I do recommend having a few smaller items at a lower price point for people who want to support you but can't afford a larger item. I usually do scrunchies or holiday ornaments. I do recommend getting your bulk stock out of the way first then wiping out some smaller items. 

Set up

Know what you need for show day & keep it all together. I have been keeping my stock in some rubbermaid bins! This way you are not running around on show day going oh no where did I put that table cloth ?!?!?

If you are looking for a digital resource to keep you on track for prep I have created a digital market prep planner you can purchase on Etsy. This planner is intended to be used with goodnotes, I am sure you could print it if you wanted but it would take up a lot of ink. I am not sure what they are but I assume a quick google will give you some android alternatives to goodnotes!


*Keep an excel sheet to track expenses & a separate one for stock 

*Focus on a few patterns/designs 

*Quality over Quantity

*Get main items out of the way before starting fillers/smaller items

*Keep all your show items together 

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