How to Care For Your Knitwear

Want to learn how to keep your knits as fresh and like new as possible? Keep reading!

1) Do not machine wash your knits! Even if the yarn says superwash and that it can go in the washer & dryer DO NOT! It is much better to give your knits a gentle bath! Simply fill your sink or tub (depending on what your are washing) with luke warm water and some wool wash. Place your knits into the water and let them soak it up, trying not to agitate them too much. Leave them until the water has cooled and then wrap them in a towel to soak up the extra water and then lay flat to dry (basically your blocking your knits again)

2)Do not hang your knits up! Fold them and keep them on a shelve or in a drawer. This keeps the shoulders of your sweaters form stretching out. 

3)Use a shaver to clean all the little pills & fuzz that develop off! I use this one from amazon

Whats are your tips for keeping your knitwear pristine?

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