50 Shades of Knotty Cowl

Easy colorwork cowl pattern! Great for those in-between seasons!

Needles: 2.5mm + 4mm 20" circulars

Yarn: 3 contrasting colors of heavy sport weight or DK weight (amount will vary slightly depending on yarn choice)

MC (color 1): approx 50g

CC1 (color 2): approx 30g

CC2 (color 3): approx 25g

Gauge (after blocking, in colorwork section using larger sized needles): 1 x 1 " 5 stitches x 7 rows 

Size (after blocking): 12" long X 11" wide 

Notions: Stitch markers (1 unique BOR + 7 more), scissors, tapestry needle

Ribbing is knit with 2.5mm needle, body of cowl is knit with 4mm needles. 

1st Ribbing

With first MC choice CO 112, join in the round

K1 P1* around for 9 rows

K 1 row

Body of cowl

Start colorwork chart, you will be repeating the chart in the round 8 times, I placed a stitch marker to mark each chart repeat. 

Your will repeat the length of chart 3 times. 

Both ends of the cowl are knit in Color 1

First time MC=color 1 CC= color 2

2nd repeat MC=color 3 CC = color 1

3rd repeat MC=color 2, CC= color 1

After you have completed the chart 3 times repeat the ribbing:

2nd ribbing (switch back to 2.5mm needles):

Knit 1 row in color 1 then knit 9 rows of K1P1 ribbing.

Bind off, weave in ends and wet block. 

Testers used Lion Brand Coboo (DeDeMay) & Ancient Arts Fiber Craft yarn (MyCatSunny), both DK weight. The Sport weight yarn I I used was a bit on the heavier side. 

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