5 ways to use up scrap yarn

 I don't know about you but I always end up with so much scrap yarn that I never know what to do with! So I have found a few ways to use up my scraps and thought i'd share with all of you!

1)A Scrap Blanket

You can make so many different kinds of scrap blankets in both crochet & knit. I am currently making a classic granny square blanket, but instead of making a bunch of smaller squares I am just making one giant granny square. I am using the scrappy granny pattern (free) from KnittyNatty

I had also been considering making a battenburg blanket by cherry hart.

If you would rather knit a blanket you can always check out the habitation throw by Helen Stewart or the cozy comfort throw by a homespun house. 

2)Scrappy Socks

If you are a sock knitter you can always use scraps for heels,toes or cuffs! You can also just make some striped scrappy socks. Recently I had some self striping yarn scraps and I combined them to make some super stripy socks! I just alternated each skein randomly!


Depending on how much yarn you have left over you could use it for smaller colorwork sections! Either on socks or some hats, maybe even certain sweater designs. Some great examples of scrappy hats are the Sprocket hat by Pip & Pin or the seaglass hat by wool & pine.

4)Scrappy sweaters

Speaking of the seaglass hat, you could also make either the seaglass tee or seaglass sweater both also bu wool & pine. I am currently knitting the seaglass tee!

5)Do a scrap yarn swap

Over your scraps and don't want them anymore? Do a scrap yarn swap with a fibre friend! 

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