EEW Nano Electric Spinning Wheel Review

 This past summer I purchased an EEW nano spinning wheel from dreaming robots! Here are my thoughts!

I really wanted to get into spinning because you know I really needed another yarn related hobby haha. I received a drop spindle and some roving from knitpicks to try and while I enjoyed the idea of it in practice it was HARD!I found it hard on my shoulders and hands and wasn't really enjoying it. I still wanted to try spinning though so I went looking for an affordable electric spinning wheel. I didn't want to spend a thousand dollars on a full sized electric spinning wheel incase I ended up also not enjoying spinning at all.

Dreaming robots has a larger sized electric spinning wheel and a small travel sized one which is what I got. It is still a bit pricey at $110 USD but WAY cheaper then an ashford which is the main electric spinning wheel I had heard about previously which will run you around a grand.  

I have been using my nano for about 6 months now and I really enjoy spinning. I find it relaxing and I like being able to knit with yarn I made. It did take me awhile to get the hang of it, but this I think is just spinning in general as opposed to a nano specific issue. I honestly at first was like what did I do I can't use this machine at all! After watching multiple youtube tutorials and lots of practice I got the hang of it. My first I think 5 attempts at spinning and plying were not great haha. I went through the whole process though just to see. I am not really able to knit with the first I think 5 small skeins I spun as they are super lumpy and uneven but it was great practice. I have since gotten much better and can now spin much more even and thin yarn. I have actually knit two pairs of socks from my handspun. One is still a bit bumpy as it was my first time spinning tweedy yarn, but still very useable!

Tweedy Handspun

First pair of sock using handspun

So what are the pros and cons of this spinner:



-small and compact, does not take up much space

-a great starter machine


-small size, you can only fit so much yarn on each bobbin

-tiny motor, mine sometimes overheats if I am spinning too long and will stop working well and I have to take a break and let it cool down

I think this is a great machine if you want to dip your toes into the world of electric spinning wheels, but if you are an avid spinner go for a bigger machine for sure. I am happy I bought this little guy to make sure that I actually enjoyed spinning and to see if it was something I wanted to stick to. I said I would give myself a year and if I was still spinning away I would invest in a larger more heavy duty spinner. 

If you are a spinner or are getting into spinning some great places to get roving are knitpicks (very affordable), I love divinity fibres (great selection) & I recently started a yarn store and have a small selection of roving currently in stock. Another great option is to check out local farms. This fall I went to a local alpaca & goat farm and they were selling bags of the alpaca roving!

Are you a spinner or thinking about getting into the world of spinning? 

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