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Love knitting socks? or new to knitting socks, but don't want to be endlessly buying patterns that you may or may never make (#patternhoarder right here). Well here is a list of some FREE knit sock patterns I think you will love. I have even knit a few of these myself :)

My Favorite Vanilla Socks

Who doesn't love a vanilla sock! It is also the best way to learn to knit socks, you gotta walk before you can run lol.

My top fav is by the crazy sock lady, the written pattern you have to buy BUT she does have a YouTube channel where you can watch her knit the pattern for free! Also a good visual aid for beginners.

Ol' Reliable Top Down Socks by Tanis Lavallee are also a great option 

Another great way to learn to knit socks is to try some DK weight vanilla socks. That way they work up faster on a bigger needle which is usually better for learning a new technique I find

Some options are :

DK Weight Vanilla Socks by Crazy Sock Lady Designs

Now that we have got the basics down how about we get a lil more fancy!

Rye Light by tincanknits -A great Second sock pattern!

Color Palette Socks by Laura Moorats- One of the most fun socks I have knit so far!

Hermione's Everyday Socks by Erica Lueder- a great patterned sock that is still knitflix friendly

Now that we know the basics and have played with a few stitches let's get even crazier!!!

A Little Hocus Pocus Socks by This Handmade Life -Do not fear cables in socks it is actually a super fun knit

Faux Cables Socks by imawale imawale- I have not yet made these but they look stunning!

Rapscallion by Wendy Whalen- a great scrappy pattern

Cochineal by Anna Mäkilä- these look like a super fun knit

I also have the following free sock patterns here on the blog:

What are some of your Fav knit sock patterns?

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