5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming A Sock Knitter

 If you have seen my instagram feed you will know I am now 100% completely addicted to knitting socks. So I thought I would share a few things I wish I knew about sock knitting before I started, one newbie sock knitter to another!

1)It is SUPER addicting haha, I was always like why would I waste time knitting socks they just go on my feet.... Well I kept seeing all these beautiful sock on instagram and thought ya know what lets give this a go if I hate it I never have to knit another sock again. I instantly was obsessed.

2)Your first sock will suck and you will likely have to frog it but once you get the hang it sock are actually quite a mindless knit. 

3)Your pinky finger/hands will hurt, random I know. It takes time to get used to knitting with such tiny needles!

4)There are TONS of different ways to knit socks, top up, cuff down, with a gusset heel, with an after thought heel ect. Make whatever style you like best, socks are meant to be FUN.

5)It may take a pair or two to figure out what stitch count works best for your own foot. Like the rest of our bodies no two feet are alike (even your own!). I quickly figured out that a starting stitch count of 56 works well for me, its a little loose but not too loose (I don't love a super tight knit sock)

Bonus : Bite the bullet and get some sock blockers haha. You can thank me later haha. I resisted getting some for awhile as they can be pricey for what they are but I found some on amazon that were reasonable and KnitPicks also has some!

Happy Sock Knitting


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