Ruffle Bikini Top: FREE crochet pattern

 I have decided to start putting some of my patterns here on the blog for free. You will still be able to purchase the Ad free pdf on Ravelry.

First up is my Ruffle Bikini Top. This ruffle bikini top is super cute and can be made any size. Like most of my patterns, it is based on size not stitch count so it can be made any size using any yarn you wish. I used bernat handicrafter cotton and a 5 mm hook.

To make the ruffles you will be crocheting back and forth twice in 1 row using the front loop then the back loop (will be explained further in pattern). This pattern works up fairly quickly and is perfect for a beginner-intermediate crocheter. You can either crochet your own ties (explained in pattern) or use whatever ties you wish. I used some wool & the gang T-shirt yarn as my straps.

Materials Needed:

❤yarn of your choice, amount will vary depending on size you make

❤measuring tape

❤crochet hook, size will vary depending on what yarn you choose


❤stitch markers

❤darning needle



❤SC-Single crochet

DC-double crochet

❤FL-front loop

❤BL-back loop

❤SS-Slip stitch

❤️SKST- skip stitch


*  *ch 1’s and 2’s at beginning or end of rows do NOT count as stitches

1.Ch as many stitches as you want top wide (I did mine from mid ribs to mid ribs)

2.SC in 2nd Ch from the hook and across, Ch 1, and SC back 2 more times (total of 3 SC rows)

3.CH 2, Use stitch marker to mark first BL, DC in FL + Ch 2 (repeat DC in FL + Ch 2 all the way across-even in last stitch)

4.Turn work and SC in other loop (what is now the FL for this row, but was BL in previous row) all the way across. Ch 2, and SC across, turn work, repeat (total of 3 SC rows)

Repeat step 3 & 4 as many times as needed to get top to desired length

5.SC evenly up the side of the top then [Ch 3- SKST] all the way down the side (this creates the holes we will loop the back tie through)

6.SS across the top of the top then SC evenly down the side of the top then [Ch 3- SKST] all the way up the side and bind off

7. Ch as many stitches needed to make back tie (for a size XS I needed 200 chs), weave back and forth through the side holes to create a criss cross back.

8.Ch as many stitches needed for neck straps (make 2-XS needed 90 chs+5). Ch 5 extra and then SS 5 stiches back into main chain to create a loop. Bind off. Pull strap through desired location on top of bikini top and loop through the 5 ch loop to secure. 

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