Product Review: Knitpicks High Desert Yarn

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I am so honored to have had the pleasure of testing out this brand new line of yarn being offered by Knitpicks. The high desert yarn is AMAZING! Just an FYI I am a very honest person and would never recommend a product I didn't love even if it was sent to me by a company to review! I genuinely love this yarn!

Here are some details about High Desert yarn:

❤It's 100% American-grown and spun wool yarn

❤Available ONLY at

❤Sport or Worsted weights

❤$18.99 per 100 gram ball

❤Available in 12 colors

I chose to try out the worsted weight version. At first I started a pair of chunky sock, but wasn't loving them and so I went on ravelry in search of patterns that call for worsted weight yarn. I found a few cardigan patterns I liked and did a poll on my instagram stories to see which one I should make. The felix cardigan won and so I cast it on. I am also using my knitpicks foursqaure interchangeable needles for this make. 

I have to say this yarn is a dream to work with! It glides on your needles and is soft which honestly is shocking for a 100% wool yarn! The stitch definition is also incredible, have to say though it will show any mistake you make where it is so defined. 

Another bonus of this yarn is it frogs well haha which is definitely a plus for me. There is nothing worse then having to frog a project and then the yarn is all tangled, wont come undone and is all kinky.

I'd say the only downside of this yarn is it is a tad pricier then some of kntipicks usual yarns at $18.00USD/100g, but in my opinion it is totally worth the price tag. I would 100% purchase this yarn for future projects!

Be sure to check out Knitpicks and this new beautiful line of yarn. 



  1. Love the colors and also the fact that you say it’s so soft. That is something I look for with new brands and will be checking them out.

  2. I love the colors and that you say it’s very soft is something that I look for in new products.

  3. I love this review I was curious as to how soft it was so I’m contemplating buying some for a sweater I’m going to make :)

  4. SO SOFT!!!!!!!!! get yourself some for sure :)


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