Marketing Podcasts you NEED to listen to

Are you struggling with growing your instagram, your facebook business page, your blog or Etsy shop?...same Girl same! With contradictory info out there and constantly changing algorithms it can be hard to know how to actually get ahead and get your content seen.

Lately I have been super into listening to podcasts and i've found some really awesome marketing podcasts that I have gotten lots of fantastic tips from. I have started implementing some and I have actually noticed a big difference in my engagement.

SO here is my go to list of marketing/business podcasts I think you should check out wherever you listen to podcasts

1)Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner: This in my opinion is the best of the lot. I just recently found this podcast and has quickly become my go to podcast for business advice and tips. If you only listen to one podcast on this list it should be this one!

2)On Purpose with Alex Beadon: This was a newer discovery for me and I am enjoying it! Alex brings a young and fresh perspective to the world of social media.

3)The Jasmine Star show: I mean if you have not heard of Jasmine star you must be living under a rock lol She is the BOMB and such a joy to listen to. Her energy is infectious and I even enjoy listening to eps that have nothing to do with any thing that pertains to my specific business simply because she is so entertaining.

4)Goal Digger: Also one of the first business podcasts I started listening to. Jenna is an amazing resource and I highly recommend checking out this podcast!

5)The Influencer Pod: This was actually the VERY FIRST business podcast I started listening to this past summer. Julie is great and there are so many awesome ep topics to choose from.

6)The Sunny Show: I found this podcast through youtube as Sunny has a youtube channel that I am obsessed with. I love her tips and tricks for content planning and staying organized in your business.

7)Side Hustle Pro: Great podcast for those who are running a side hustle or well trying to haha. Lots of great info on how to balance your side hustle!


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