2020 Goals

With 2020 fast approaching I figured it was time to sit down and figure out what KGC's goals are for next year! I set out some goals last year, some I worked on and and some I totally failed at haha.

2019 Goals:

1)Take better photos: I think I accomplished this to an extent.I am still learning and hope to continue to grow in this area. However looking at where I started in 2019 to where I am now, I am so freaking proud of how far my photography skills have come

2)Write more patterns: HUGE FAIL lol. I did not do this. I wrote a few but I have also come to the conclusion that I do not LOVE pattern writing. I feel very much forced to do it most of the time and I get way more joy out of making other people patterns and selling ready made items. I still will write the occasional pattern here and there when the inspiration strikes me and I feel like it, but I am no longer going to sit down with the intention of writing a pattern simply to write a pattern.

3)Try patterns outside my comfort zone: I learned so many new knitting skills this year and have even made a few sweaters!!! Definitely nailed this goal and will continue to try new things.

4)Engage more online: I have been way more mindful this past year about how much I am engaging on my social platforms and it has improved my digital presence a ton. You get out what you put in people! This was a big lesson for me.

5)Start a blog: This one is pretty obvious and self explanatory since you are reading this...on my blog.

2020 Goals:

1)Continue to Grow this blog: I want to continue to put effort into posting on here regularly. I also want this to be a space to showcase other makers as well, either through my weekly "Meet Your Maker" series or various guest blogger series.

2)Only make things I want to: Ties into Goal 2 from last year, but I do not want to make things because I feel forced to or because everyone else is making it. Everyone enjoys different things and I want KGC to be something I enjoy, not something I feel forced to do.

3)Do a 2 day show: This was my first real year doing markets. I did two 1 days shows and as tiring as it was I really enjoyed selling to people! I'd love to try out a 2 day market OR try and look into maybe finding spaces that sell artisan items and see how to go about selling my crochet/knit wear in shops!

4)Put time into Casting On. If you didn't know I have a podcast! I think it could be great I just haven't put enough effort into it. I think I started it at a bad time (middle of market prep) and kind of rushed it and was not prepared. I want to take some time to actually plan out several episodes in advance and  be able to put more energy into it.

5)Make more video content/potentially live stream. I am SO awkward in front of the camera lol but I know people like seeing who is behind a brand and I want to get more comfortable with being on camera and maybe even one day do an instagram live (about what yet don't know haha any thoughts?)

These are my 5 goals for KGC for 2020, what are your 2020 Maker Goals?


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