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I have been toying with the idea of writing this post for almost two months now and decided to just sit down and start writing. If it ever sees the light of day who knows, that has yet to be decided, but if you are reading this then obviously it has lol.


Meet Your Maker- 3DE Creations

This week on MYM we have Jenifer from 3DE creations. I saw Jenifer's work at an art fair in Kennsington Market and immediately fell in love (the same art fair where I saw abominable ink). You will understand why I love her work once you see it ahah (it is 100% me lol). I love pottery, but I esp…

Meet Your Maker- Wildflower Crochet Company

This week on MYM we have the lovely Candace from Wildflower Crochet Co.! I am sure you have seen her amazing boho fringe wall banners on instagram, if not you need to go check them out ASAP. I was so excited when she released her pattern for it and even more excited when she agreed to participate i…

Meet Your Maker-Abominable Ink

I am SO excited for this weeks MYM post. I had gone to an art festival in Kensington market recently in Toronto and I was instantly in love with the work I saw at the booth of Abominable Ink. I absolutely love her style and when I got home went on Instagram to see of I could find her to ask if she …