Top 10 Fav Podcasts

I have listened to podcasts here and there over the years, but have really gotten more into them in the past year. Whether you are listening on your daily commute, at the gym or while crafting it's a great way to learn about something new or just listen to some of your fav online personalities chit chit about random things you enjoy. I like a wide variety of topics so hopefully there is a podcast on this list that catches your eye!

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Here are my top 10 fav podcats at the moment in no particular order:

1)Pretty Basic

Pretty basic is a weekly podcast from social media influencers Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz. I have followed both of these social media stars on YouTube for years now and I was SO EXCITED when they announced they were doing a podcast together. They chit chat about random topics every week and I love hearing their girly banter. If you are into beauty & lifestyle influencers I highly recommend checking this out. Because you know its all about that #contentbabycontent

2)My Favorite Murder

This is really the podcast that got me back into podcasts. I LOVE crime/murder stories, books, shows ect and this one is fantastic! Karen and Georgia are hilarious! If you find murder stories a little "dark" be sure to keep an open mind and give these two a listen. Their witty banter makes it seem a bit more lighthearted lol. They do both full episodes and minisodes (one of these would be a great introduction for a new listener). Just remember to #ssdgm

3)Ear Hustle

This is by far one of my favorite podcasts I have listened to ever. It is produced by prisoners in San Quentin state prison. I find this podcast truly fascinating and highly recommend giving it a listen. I know this sounds like a really heavy podcast and it definitely has those moments, but it is a fantastic listen and I am sure you will learn something from it.

4) Invisibilia

This is an NPR show, I mean what does NPR produce that is not fantastic? It is based around stories concerning unseeable forces ie.empathy. One of my most recent fav eps was "The Remote Control Brain".

5)This American Life

Yet another amazing NPR show. The stories and themes vary from week to week so I am sure you will find a topic you like. One of my fav most recent eps was "I'm on TV??".

6)The drop out

If you have not heard about the Elizabeth Holmes story and theranos you need to listen to this ASAP. I think this was one of the most well laid out podcasts i've listened to. They break the story down in a way that I think even if you are not a "science" person you will still be able to understand the absurdity of this story easily.

7)How I Built This

This podcast details how well known companies got their start. As someone who runs a small business I find this very fascinating. Some of my favorite eps include Ben & Jerry's ice cream and Whole Foods

8)The Shrink Next door

This podcast is still currently airing new weekly eps and I cannot wait for the next one! This story is CRAZY! I will not spoil it for you just trust me and go give it a listen

9)Death, Sex & Money

I have a thing for NPR I guess haha. Again another podcast that has a varying theme and different topic on a weekly basis. They have TONS of eps so it will keep you busy for awhile.

10)How I survived

This is an Australian podcasts that talks about different peoples stories of survival. I stumbled across this podcast while looking for another and I am glad I did. The eps are short (which sometimes you just want a quick listen), but they are amazing. The things these people have been through and survived are insane.

I hope one or more of these podcasts speaks to you and you find something new to listen to! Be sure to let me know if there are any others you think I should be checking out. I listen to my podcasts on the app Stitcher.

Happy Listening :)


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