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Then vs Now Instagram

I don't know how many of you use Facebook, but there has been a trend recently where people posted their first ever Facebook profile Picture along side their most recent profile picture to see how they've aged. Well I thought i'd do a bit of a twist on this trend. SO here is my first ever Instagram post along side my latest one (I am currently writing this draft on Jan. 21) to show my progress.

Almost two years to the day and obviously VERY different vibes lol. I cheated a little bit in that this is technically my second photo ever posted to my KGC Instagram, but the first one was off my original logo. I wanted however to show not only readers, but myself the progress I have made since starting this journey.

Everyone starts somewhere. As stated in my first Meet Your Maker post I didn't go into this Etsy/Instagram journey with any plan in mind. I was simply looking to share my makes with the world. I was not very good at taking photos, lived in a very dark apartment an…

Meet Your Maker - Perfectly Knotted

Welcome to the second post in my Meet Your Maker series. As I mentioned in my previous Meet Your Maker post Claire (Perfectly Knotted) was the person who inspired me to open my own Etsy shop so it is only fitting that she be the first maker featured.

Meet Your Maker- Knotty Gurl Crochet

Hello and Welcome to the first post in my Meet Your Maker Series. 
I am hoping for this to be a weekly post which will feature a different maker each week. It will consist of several questions that will be sent out to makers of all kinds. The idea is to get to know your favorite makers and hopefully spread the word about makers you might not have heard of. I want to feature all kinds of makers, not just crocheters and knitters, to bring the maker community together so we can support and spread the word about handmade items. #supporthandmade

Below is what I have come up with so far. I may alter the questions going forward depending on input from readers and makers.

Welcome to the KGC Blog

Be sure to check out my About Me section to learn a little bit more about Knotty Gurl Crochet.

My main purpose of this introductory post is to say hello and give you all a brief overview of what you can expect to find here on this blog. No it will not be solely a crochet blog. I know that might seem a bit confusing as my brand name is Knotty Gurl Crochet,
but I am hoping to use this blog to not only showcase my love of crochet but my love of many other crafts and hobbies (which I will delve into momentarily).