HodgePodge Sweater Tutorial

This pattern is a mix of both crochet and knit! For mine I used odds and ends of yarn I dyed myself. I have done some dying experiments and didn't really know how to use up all the various bits. At first I was trying to crochet a sweater and it just wasn't going how I wanted, but I loved the crochet collar and then I had the idea to do a sweater that was a mix of both! I hope you enjoy making this sweater as much as I did. 

I was going to try and grade this pattern and have it tested but I realized this sweater uses up a TON of yarn (which for me was its purpose haha). I decided instead to release this as a "tutorial" as to how I made my sweater and how you can modify the instructions to make this sweater fit any size. I also wanted this to be a scrappy project that you can just chip away at slowly as you gather up scrapes from other projects. You will be holding fingering weight scraps double throughout the entire sweater!

This is my first "tutorial" type pattern so I hope this makes sense haha. Please reach out to me on instagram if you have any questions :)

Materials Needed:

❤Fingering weight yarn (amount will vary depending on size)

❤5mm crochet hook* & 5mm circular knitting needles (21``& 40``)*

❤measuring tape

❤darning needle


❤Stitch markers (1 BOR and 4 RM)

*or whatever size needed to obtain gauge


SC-single crochet

HDC-half double crochet

BLO-back loop

SS-slip stitch


KFB-Knit front & back increase

BO-bind off



You will be holding fingering weight double throughout pattern

Chain 7, SC in 2nd CH from hook and in rest of row (total 6 SC)

Ch 1, turn and SC in the BLO in each stitch across

Repeat for 83 rows or desired length (I recommend measuring the collar on a favorite sweater to get an idea, or do what I did and just wrap it around your neck to see how it feels lol)

SS the two ends of your collar together and turn collar right side out (the seam should be on the inside)

CH 1 and then SC evenly around, SS to join (ie I did 83 SC as I had 83 rows)

Ch1 and HDC in same SC and in each SC all the way around

SS to join and then cut your yarn and weave in ends.

Body of sweater

Pick up and knit in each stitch (through both loops of the HDC row) Place BOR marker 

Raglan set up:

The raglan is divided into 4 sections, back, sleeve,front,sleeve. The back is technically divided into 2 sections because of the BOR marker. I did not use any special formula to decide the number of stitches in each section I simply estimated where to place the raglan markers and made sure the sleeve sections were even. You can play around with placing the markers in and seeing if it looks correct.

My Stitch Counts (size small)

*What I did was took my total # of stitches picked up and divided it by 4. So I picked up 84 stitches, 84/4= 21. I then just moved 5 stitches into the back & front sections. I just chose 5 at random, I placed the markers in and it looked fine to me so I went with it. You just want your sleeve sections to be a bit smaller in stitch count then your front & back sections. 

K 13 stitches place raglan marker(1/2 back), 

knit 16 stitches place raglan marker (sleeve), 

K 26 stitches place raglan marker (front), 

knit 16 stitches place raglan marker(sleeve),

K13 (1/2 back)You are now at your BOR marker

Row 1: K until 2 stitches before RM, KFB K1 SM K1 KFB, repeat until you reach BOR

Row 2: K all stitches

Repeat rows 1 & 2 for a total of 38 rows or desired length. (until you can comfortably pinch together under arms)

K all stitches for 1 row. 

Separate for sleeves:

K across first half of back stitches to 1st raglan marker,

Place sleeve stitches on hold. CO 4 stitches using desired method (or however many you wish; I did 4 as that adds ~1 inch in width per side)

Knit across front stitches, place sleeve stitches on hold, CO 4 stitches (or same # as you did on the other side), K across the rest of the back stitch.

You will now K in the round until desired length is reached.

When you have reached your desired length, you will knit 1.5” of ribbing. 

Knit a twisted rib (K1BLO, P) for 1.5” and BO using desired method.

If you have never done a twisted rib, look up some youtube videos, It has become my favorite type of knit ribbing.


Pick up and knit all sleeve stitches plus the CO stitches. In addition, I added 2 extra stitches to the underarm area to help fill the gaps by picking up a stitch from the body of the sweater on both sides of the CO stitches. If you have ever knit socks this is similar to when you pick up the extra stitch before/after the gusset to close that side gap. 

Make sure to place your BOR marker in the middle of the CO stitches under the arm

K 2 rows then start sleeve repeat


Row 1: Knit 1, K2TOG, K until 3 stitches remain K2TOG K

Row 2: K all stitches

Repeat row 1 & 2 until you have decreased sleeve to desired tightness (for me it was until 41 stitches remained)

K all stitches until desired sleeve length is reached, minus 1” for sleeve ribbing.

Again, finish with a twisted rib and BO using desired method. 

Repeat for other sleeve. 

Weave in all ends and Wear 😊


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