My Favourite Things (Knitting & Crochet)

I have been knitting & crocheting for a few years at this point and I have acquired a few things over the years that I love.  Hopefully some of these things will help you in your crafting as well!

1)Needles/Crochet hooks:

My favourite knitting needles by far are the Chiaogoo red lace. Now they can be pricey, but to me they are the BEST. Now I do also have a full set of lykke needles, but I HATE the black cords. Recently though they have come out with pink swivel cords that while not as good as Chiagoo, they are much less stiff then the traditional black cords. They are the only reason I have started using my Lykke needles again.

My new fav crochet hooks are by prym! Go check out my full review on these on my YouTube channel

2)Pattern storage and reading:

Now this one is PRICEY but one of the best things I got myself in the last few years is my iPad. Especially since I started using goodnotes to store my patterns. I can write all over the pdf, keep track of my rows, even cut and paste charts and move them around. It has been a game changer for me.

3)Projects bags:

You might be like really, project bags? I know they are not necessary, but I think they make working on my projects more fun. My fav project bag makers are Longview creations, lilastyles &

4)Stitch markers:

Now I think these are necessary! I didn't when I first started but once I started using them they are so helpful. I find them especially helpful for counting rows. I usually place a marker every 10 rows so I do not need to count every row! Some of my fav shops to get stitch markers from are charmed & dangerous, pitter patter polymer & saltwater knitting

5)Ball winder and swift

Now I HATE caking yarn but it must be done haha. I have wound a few skeins here and there by hand and I just cant haha. As impatient as I am winding it with the ball winder and swift it is so tedious for me to do it by hand. I got my for a reasonable price on Amazon.

What are some of your fav knitting & crochet items you LOVE?


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