Knitting and Crochet Books You NEED

 I used to think why would I want any knitting or crochet books? I can get so many patterns and tutorials online? Well for one thing usually the patterns you get in a book are not available elsewhere and secondly they simply are just nice to have.

They make great coffee table books and can always provide inspiration when you are looking for your next project or a new stitch to try. Here are a few of the books I currently own plus a few I have on my radar to buy in the future.

You can find all these books and more in my Amazon Storefront. Full disclosure I do get a small commission if you purchase through this link BUT at ZERO extra cost to you :) Any Support for KGC is always appreciated.  

Books I Own:

500 crochet stitches, The Ultimate Crochet Stitch Bible

This was the first book I got. I think anyone who even dabbles in designing can benefit from having a few stitch books in their collection. 

We Are Knitters

This is more of id say a coffee table book then anything. Yes it has patterns but it also has a ton of info on where and how they source their yarns. This is a beautiful book that even though I may not use regularly I do not regret buying.

Edwards Menagerie 

My Husband got me this book a few years ago. I love crochet and knit stuffies, sadly making them kills my hands. BUT I did make an adorable bunny from this book. If you like this style of crochet I HIGHLY recommend this one. 

Geek Knits

My father in law recently got me this one for my birthday. It is definitely a must for any geeky knitter! Some patterns are a little out there but there are many really awesome ones that I am excited to make

Books I am eyeing

Modern Crochet

Unless you live under a rock you have heard of this book by the queen of crochet Debrosse. No further explanation needed haha

Vogue Knitting Stitch Dictionary

I have been doing way more knitting lately so I think I need to add this one to the collection

Top Down Sweaters

I have had too many bad experiences with sweaters that are not top down. I pretty much exclusively knit top down sweaters

52 weeks of socks

I have become an avid sock knitter and think this would be an amazing book

The Tunisian Crochet handbook

I want to learn Tunisian crochet at some point and when I go to tackle it you bet I will be getting this one.  

What are your fav knitting and crochet books?

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