Tips for knitting stranded color-work

 I have always been afraid of knitting colorwork. I tried a few times and it was terrible. I tried to knit a hat and my tension was so tight I could not get it on my head! I have since grown to really enjoy knitting colorwork and here are a few tips I have picked up along the way.

1)RELAX, if you are nervous you will hold your yarn and needles tighter.

2) If you generally have tight tension or cannot relax go up a needle size from what is suggested in the         pattern for the colorwork portion.

3)As you are knitting slide your stitches down the right needle OFTEN, this helps keep your floats          loose.

4)Keep your floats loose, this will help your fabric be able to stretch. I like to place a finger or two              behind the float yarn as I am switching to that color to make sure even if I pull some by accident             there is still some slack. 

5)Block your finished object. No matter how good you are at colowork it will look wonky until you            block it!!

What are some suggestions you have for knitting stranded colorwork?

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