FREE Crochet Pattern~Spring Fling Tee

I designed this spring top because I wanted something that was flowy and airy that would make a good piece to throw on over a tank top in this transition time between seasons. The spring fling tee is currently graded for sizes xs-xl, but the pattern is fairly straight forward and could easily be modified for almost any size as it is worked raglan style (top down).

I made mine in bernat home dec, but feel free to use whatever bulky weight 5 yarn you have (or whatever yarn you wish actually- as long as you meet gauge). I used a smaller hook size to make the neckline then switched to a 10mm hook to make the top drapey and loose. This is not a form fitting top, it is meant to be loose fitting. You can make this top whatever length you with and could also do varying sleeve lengths. Please feel free to make this pattern your own and use it as a guide as opposed to an instruction.

*I made a size XS and know it fits true to size. Size XL was tested. Size S,M, & L have not been tested. If you find an error in these three sizes please let me know.*

An PDF ad free version of this pattern is also available on both Etsy and Ravely for $3CAD.

I hope you enjoy this pattern and please tag me on instagram is you make it @knottygurlcrochet

Materials needed:

Bulky weight 5 yarn (I used bernat home dec) 420 yrd for xs
6.5 mm crochet hook and 10 mm crochet hook
        (or whatever needed to obtain gauge)
Measuring tape
Stitch markers

Stitches used:

FSC-foundation single crochet
EDC-extended double crochet
2togEDC-2 together extended double crochet decrease
SS-slip stitch
SC-single crochet

Extended double crochet: YO, insert hook, pull up a loop, YO pull through first loop on hook, yarn over and pull through 2 loops, YO pull through final 2 loops.

Gauge: 4” x 4” = 8 EDC by 4.5 rows using 10mm hook (height is not as important as width as you can always add more rows).


Step 1: Using a 6.5mm crochet hook FSC 63[68,76,84,92] and join with SS to 1st stitch, CH 2 (does not count as a stitch here and throughout the pattern)

Step 2: 1 EDC in each stitch around, join to 1st stitch with SS, Ch 2 63[68,76,84,92]

Step 3: Switch to a 10mm hook (or whatever size needed to obtain gauge) EDC in the next 12 [13,14,16,18] stitches, then in next stitch [EDC CH1 EDC], EDC in next 7 [8,10,11,12] stitches, then in next stitch [EDC CH1 EDC], EDC in next 22 [23,24,26,28] stitches, then in next stitch [EDC CH1 EDC], EDC in next 7 [8,10,11,12] stitches, then in next stitch [EDC CH1 EDC], then EDC in remaining stitches 11 [12,14,16,18] and SS to join, CH 2 (total stitch count is now 67[72,80,88,96])

Step 4: Continue to EDC around and [EDC CH 1 EDC] in each chain space from the pervious round. SS in 1st stitch of round and CH2.

Repeat step 4 for a total of 5 [6,7,8,9 ]rows.

At this point try on your sweater and make sure you can pinch the corners of your raglan together under your arms. If not long enough add as many rows necessary for your raglan to fit
Step 5: Start row as normal but when you reach your 1st CH space place 1 EDC in the chain space and then again in the CH space from the next raglan increase to create your first arm hole. EDC around until you reach your next CH space and repeat. EDC until the end, SS into 1st EDC CH 2.

Step 6: EDC all around, SS into 1st EDC, CH 2

Step 7: EDC all the way around EXCEPT for the next 3 [4,5,6,7] rows you will do a 2togEDC on each side decreasing your row count by 2 each time to shape the waist. If you do not want to shape the waist of your sweater and want yours a bit boxier then skip the decreases.

Step 8: Continue to EDC around until your have completed 17[19,21,23,31] rows total not including neckline row.

Step 9: Place 1 SC in each EDC all the way around to clean up the edge. Bind off


Step 10: Attached yarn at any point and EDC all the way around for 23[25,27,29,31] stitches, SS into 1st stitch to join, CH 2

Step 11: Continue working [EDC, SS into first stitch, CH 2] for a total of 7[8,9,10,11] rows.

Step 12: switch back to the 6.5mm hook and do 1 row of EDC, SS into first stitch, bind off, weave in ends, sew up any arm pit holes you may have!

Step 13: Wear your new sweater and enjoy 😊

You can make this sweater and its sleeves as long or as short as you want. Just stop/continue at any point to obtain desired length.

Happy Making

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