Scrapy Scarf- Free Crochet Pattern

Do you have tons of 1/2 skeins laying around that you do not know what to do with ?! Here is a quick and easy beginner friendly scarf pattern that will help you use up all that scrap yarn. I used 5 different yarns of varying colors and textures to create a unique scarf BUT it only uses two simple stitches. It is the differences in color and texture that make this scarf unique. I listed out exactly where I did my color changes but feel free to change your colors as you wish! Ideally try to use at least medium weight 4 and up (or alternatively you can use thinner yarn just crocheting with two strands together).

Hook: 10mm (or whatever hook needed to obtain gauge)
Gauge: 4"x 4": 8 stitches X 6 rows (of repeat pattern)**
Finished size: 6"wide X 80" long

**Gauge  is not extremely important with this pattern especially in height, you can always just add a few rows to obtain proper length. Try to match in width though otherwise scarf will be "skinny".

Yarns used:

1)Loops & Threads: cozy wool in black (~1/2 skein)
2)Loops & Threads: cozy wool in white (~1/2 skein)
3)Red Heart Hygge yarn in rust (~1/2 skein)
4)Lion brand homespun in greystone (~1/4 skein)
5)Loops & Threads Capri in black (similar to woolspun) (~1/2 skein)

Try to choose yarns of varying color and texture!

Stitches used: 

FHDC: Foundation half double crochet 
HDC: Half double crochet
EDC: Extended double crochet
Ch: Chain

Repeat pattern:

HDC, Ch 2 turn
EDC, Ch 1 turn

Row 1: FHDC 10, Ch 2 turn
Row 2: EDC, Ch 1, turn (10)
Row 3: HDC, Ch 2, turn (10)

Alternate rows of HDC and EDC until scarf reaches 80" or desired length

Here is the color scheme I followed, Feel free to alternate your yarns/colors as you wish:

7 rows yarn 1 (1-7)
5 rows yarn 3 (8-12)
9 rows yarn 2 (13-21)
1 Row yarn 4 (22)
2 rows yarn 2 (23-24)
7 rows yarn 3 (25-31)
4 rows yarn 5 (32-35)
6 rows yarn 2 (36-41)
3 rows yarn 4 (42-44)
4 rows yarn 1 (45-48)
5 rows yarn 3 (49-53)
4 rows yarn 2 (54-57)
2 rows yarn 4 (58-59)
3 rows yarn 2 (60-62)
4 rows yarn 5 (63-66)
6 rows yarn 3 (67-72)
4 rows yarn 2 (73-76)
4 rows yarn 4 (77-80)
3 rows yarn 5 (81-83)
4 rows yarn 3 (84-87)
5 rows yarn 2 (88-92)
3 rows yarn 4 (93-95)
7 rows yarn 3 (96-102)
3 rows yarn 1 (103-105)
3 rows yarn 2 (106-108)

-cut yarn leaving enough of a tail to seam together if you want an infinity scarf
-weave in all ends

I ended up seaming mine together to create a infinity scarf, feel free to leave yours as a regular scarf and maybe add some cute fringe to the end :)

If you make this pattern do not forget to share pictures and tag me on Instagram @knottygurlcrochet #scrappyscarf

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