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Hello Fellow Makers! The following is a review of the popular monthly yarn subscription box service Knitcrate. This is 100% not sponsored,  this my own opinion and experience. Hopefully this helps anyone on the fence about ordering.

I had seen posts about Knitcrate before online, but never really looked  much into it. Until recently I honestly did more crochet then knitting and really only made basic items like beanies. One of my goals this year was to expand my skill set. I saw other makers posting about the yarn that was in the August Knitcrate and I fell in love with the European Robin colorway (energize me option) and NEEDED it. If you order before the last day of the month you get the subscription box for that month so I placed my order right away.

I was so excited for the yarn to arrive and it did about a week later. I opened the box and it was the wrong color way (I was super disappointed)... It was the neutral option (still very pretty, just not what I ordered). I contacted Knitcrate and their customer service was awesome. They immediately sent out the correct yarn and let me keep the incorrect yarn (yay for extra yarn).

I am so excited for my future Knitcrate boxes, it is my special just for me yarn. Plus who doesn't love getting packages in the mail! The cost is also very affordable at $24.99 USD for 2 skeins of beautiful artisan yarn and multiple patterns.

There are 4 different options to choose from: Energize me (my choice), chill out, all natural or surprise me.

You can change your choice by contacting Knitcrate which I love because they do have a preview of the following months box on YouTube so if you like a different colorway then the subscription you chose you can switch. I also love this because you have the option to skip a month. So for example I was not super hyped about the September colors so I simply skipped September, you are not locked into purchasing every single month if you don't want.

The other thing I didn't know about knitcrate was that it is not just for knitters!!! Besides some cool yarn you get a little booklet with multiple knit & crochet patterns.

This is honestly a great company, with great customer service which for me is a bug win. I hope to keep doing product reviews here on the blog and hopefully help anyone who is on the fence about a product. If you have any questions or recommendations for me please do not hesitate to reach out on Instagram 




  1. I'm glad you had a great experience, but their business has changed drastically. You may want to reassess and take a look at FB reviews to see what they're up to now...
    I ordered 5 skeins of yarn back in January. After tons of excuses regarding COVID delays, and a snotty email from one of their associates, I canceled my subscription. They still won't refund my money 3 months later. Now I get an email saying the won't be able to fill my order at all, so converted the money I spent into points. I bought YARN, not POINTS! And since I am no longer a subscription customer, those points will only go half as far, so I am losing money. Since they will not answer my emails, I will be contacting the Federal Trade Commission. By far one of the worst companies I have ever done business with.

    1. yeah i have actually since cancelled my subscription. From what I can tell their quality has gone way down which is sad because I really enjoyed my crates :( I recently signed up for Row One Yarns carnival of color subscription and love it


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