Free Carnation Coaster Crochet Pattern

This is a very easy pattern that works up super fast! This pattern is for a set of 4 summery coasters. I used Caron X Pantone yarn. For a 4 coaster set you need less then 1 braid. You could easily make a set of 6 from 1 braid if you wanted. You can really make this pattern your own depending on color choice. You can make the whole coaster one color or you can switch it up anywhere through out the pattern to create a unique and personalized set. Using only a few stitches this pattern is great for beginners or those looking for a quick make.

An Ad free Printable PDF version will be available on both Etsy and Raverly (This post contains affiliate links. Purchasing through these links will not cost you anything extra, but I will gain a small commission from the respective companies)

Hope you enjoy this pattern and don’t forget to tag me in any Instagram photos of your finished coasters!!!!!! I really look forward to seeing what color combos you all choose (@knottygurlcrochet #carnationcoasters)

Materials needed:

1 braid Caron X Patrone*
5mm hook
Stitch markers
Yarn needle (to weave in ends)

*Feel free to try this pattern using other yarn! I feel like lily sugar n’ cream would also work beautifully

Stitches used:
Ch- chain
HDC-half double crochet
SS- slip stitch 
SK ST- skip stitch  
TC-Triple crochet** 

**TC-to be totally honest I am not sure what the actual name of this stitch is aha, if you know please reach out. YO insert hook and pull up a loop (3 loops on hook) YO pull through 1 loop, YO pull through 2 loop, YO pull through remaining 2 loops. 



-every time you SS into the beginning of the round your first stitch work will be in that same stitch. 
-I had some issues getting my coasters to lay flat so I just placed them under a heavy book for the night and they came out flat as can be by the next morning. 

1.Ch 6, SS into 1st Ch to form a loop

2.Work 11 HDC into center of loop (pull tightly to close center loop), SS to 1st HDC

3.In 1ststitch HDC, then SKST Ch2, work [HDC, SKST, CH2] all the way around.

4.SS into 1st HDC, you should have 6 Ch 2 spaces. 

5.Work 1 HDC into each HDC and 2 into each CH2 space (should have a total of 18 stitches all around), SS into first HDC.

6.Repeat [HDC, SKST, CH2] all the way around, you should now have 9 Ch 2 spaces at the end of this round. SS into 1st HDC.

7.Work 1 HDC into each HDC and 3 TC into each Ch 2 space all the way around [HDC, 3TC] . You should have a total of 36 stitches at the end of this round. 

8.SS into 1st HDC then SC all the way around. When you end up back at stitch 1 cut yarn leaving enough yarn to sew around the edge of the coaster, bind off then using a darning needle working back to front sew around the edge of the coaster to create a ridge. 

Happy Making

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