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Hello all crocheters (new and old!) I wanted to make a post listing all of the items I think are important for anyone seriously looking to either get into crochet, or advance their crocheting abilities. I wish when I first started I would have had a list of helpful items and tools to get me on my way. Now you certainly don't NEED all of these items, but I have found them very useful in one way or another in the years I've been crocheting.


Obviously you need yarn lol. You do NOT need fancy expensive yarn, especially if you are just getting started. Use what you can afford. (If you'd like some tips on saving some money on craft supplies check out my Crafting On a Budget post.)

The biggest recommendation I have for anyone getting started is to use a bulky yarn, at least a bulky weight 5. Thicker yarn just makes learning easier as it's easier to handle. Also it works up faster so you get that gratification of finishing a project which I feel keeps you more motivated!
Here's a list of my favorite bulky yarns:
-lionbrand thick and quick
-lionbrand hometown usa
-bernat maker home dec (this is especially good for bikini tops)
-loops & threads charisma
-loops & threads cozy wool

2)Crochet Hooks

You really do need a good crochet hook, this does not mean they have to be expensive though! My biggest tip however is to make sure you are using ergonomic crochet hooks. As someone who has been through a repetitive strain injury, you want to make sure you keep your hands and wrists happy! Honestly switching to ergonomic hooks also REALLY helped my tension drastically. One of my biggest regrets is only having started using ergonomic hooks in the last few months.  I have one of the Clover hooks and it is fantastic <3, it is so smooth and light weight. I 110% recommend these hooks.

3)Stitch markers

You really do need stitch markers especially when you are starting out. My tip is to get ones that close, as opposed to just looping around the yarn. I started with the ones that just loop around and they honestly fall off a lot, so get ones that hook shut.

4)Odds and ends

Scissors (obviously for cutting your yarn), a measuring tape (to measure your work) and a darning needle (to weave in your ends). These items are not expensive and you likely already have them around the house.(Here is an amazing crochet/knit toolkit set from lovecrafts)

5)Stitch book/guide

Now this is not something you need by any means and I just invested in one myself after 2 years, but I think it is really helpful! I just bought the Ultimate Crochet bible with over 500 stitches! Now it will be helpful if you have some basic crochet knowledge before buying, but there is a section in the beginning of all the basic crochet stitches (single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet etc.). There are TONS of free tutorials online, but it is nice to have a whole collection right in front of you. I think this is especially helpful if you plan on getting into crochet design as it will help greatly with inspiration.

I hope you found this post helpful in some way and happy making :)



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