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Meet Your Maker-Lemon Yarn Creations

This week on MYM we have Andreia from Lemon Yarn Creations. I absolutely adore her amigurumi plushies! If you are not already following Lemon Yarn Creations you need to be! Go get your daily dose of cuteness :)


Meet Your Maker- Sweet Honesty Co

This week on MYM we have Cassie from Sweet Honesty Co. Cassie creates amazing artwork and apparel designs. I of course was immediately drawn to her skulls & crystals illustrations I saw on Instagram. I love her work and I am so happy to get to showcase some of it here on KGC.


3 Easy Beginner Scrunchie Patterns

Scrunchies are back guys! With spring and summer just around the corner these are a cute and quick crochet project. Below are 3 different scrunchie patterns using 3 very different types of yarn so hopefully there will be something for every one. All 3 patterns are beginner friendly and work up supe…

Meet Your Maker- Skull Valley Sheep Kill

This week on MYM we have Dominique from Skull Valley Sheep Kill, a bone art and jewelry company. I was instantly drawn in when I saw Dominique's work on Instagram. This kind of art is right up my alley. I tend to be drawn to the odd and peculiar (also I have a skull obsession for those who do n…