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Meet Your Maker-Earth Realm Co

This week on MYM we have Kristen from Earth Realm Co. She makes 100% natural and vegan/cruelty free beauty products! Products are made in small batches which I love. With everything from face masks to body butters Earth Realm Co has you covered.

Beginner Crochet Toolkit

Hello all crocheters (new and old!) I wanted to make a post listing all of the items I think are important for anyone seriously looking to either get into crochet, or advance their crocheting abilities. I wish when I first started I would have had a list of helpful items and tools to get me on my way. Now you certainly don't NEED all of these items, but I have found them very useful in one way or another in the years I've been crocheting.


Obviously you need yarn lol. You do NOT need fancy expensive yarn, especially if you are just getting started. Use what you can afford. (If you'd like some tips on saving some money on craft supplies check out my Crafting On a Budget post.)

The biggest recommendation I have for anyone getting started is to use a bulky yarn, at least a bulky weight 5. Thicker yarn just makes learning easier as it's easier to handle. Also it works up faster so you get that gratification of finishing a project which I feel keeps you more motivated…

Meet Your Maker- Last Minute Laura

Today on MYM we have Last Minute Laura! Laura is a fantastic maker who I met through a local yarn meet up here in Toronto called Yarn Vs Everybody! Laura makes great tutorials on YouTube that you should definitely check out :)

Introduce yourself and your business.

My name is Laura, and I am the artist (human) behind “Last Minute Laura”. I create one of a kind works of art, often in the form of clothing, and I document the process.

(tl;dr:) I draw out an idea, and then I make the thing, on camera. I film different angles, and time-lapses while I work. Then, I edit and publish the regular videos on my YouTube Channel. I create patterns for the designs I come up with, and I sell them on my Etsy store. Sometimes I sell the items that I make, or take on commission projects. Primarily though, I make because it’s just something I want to, or need to do. Basically, I am making a business out of exploring and developing my creativity and skills in the fibre arts and videography world.

How did yo…

Meet Your Maker- by.stephanie.erin

This week on Meet Your Maker we have by.stephanie.erin. If you have not seen her work you need to immediately (well after you read this post of course). Go and check out her amazing work. She is a fabulous and inspiring maker and pattern designer. She is absolutely killing it with her designs!

Crafting on a Budget

Today I would like to share with you some tips and tricks on how to be crafty on a budget. I love crafting, but it can get expensive. So I thought i'd share some of the things I do to keep costs down. I'm sure you have heard all of these tips before in one way or another, but sometimes it is nice to have all the tips together in one place.

1)Coupons..Coupons..Coupons...Whatever your hobby or craft store of choice is I guarantee they offer regular coupons. I do not think I have ever gone to Micheal's (My craft store of choice..I live in Canada so there are not as many options) without looking to see what coupons they currently have on.

2)Sales! Check out the flyers BEFORE you decide your going to the craft store. Usually stores will put up the following weeks flyer the day before it starts. For example on Thursdays you can go look at the Micheal's flyer starting for Friday. Then you can decide if the deals are better on Thursday and you need to go that day before they e…

Meet Your Maker- Mississippi Mayhem

Today on MYM we have Heather from Mississippi Mayhem. She makes such a wide variety of hand made goodies, from embroidery to jewelry to paintings! Be sure to check her out and i'm sure you will find something you like :)